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2017 Club Championship

Hello fellow golfers, In the last 2 weeks, Duncan Meadows has staged both the Men's & Ladies Club Championships and also the Senior Men's Club Championship. If you have stopped on the patio after your round of golf, no doubt you've overheard some of the banter recalling heroic shots, and some not so spectacular shots. It was pretty evident that those who participated in these tournaments demonstrated their intensity in several ways.....smiling satisfaction of making that shot that counted; verbal abuse leveled at the equipment that obviously let us down; the highs & lows of getting to put your name on the KP marker only to have it wiped off by the next group; the groaning about the tee positions and the pin placements; the buzz around the scorer's chart as the playing groups came in. But as intense the golf was, there was nothing that would surpass the feeling of camaraderie, honourable play and good cheer demonstrated by all participants. It was my pleasure playing in these tournaments. Each of our winners are to be congratulated. Your winners for 2017 are as follows:

  • Men's Champion (gross) BOB McNAB

  • Men's Champion (net) KEVIN RICHARDSON

  • Ladies Champion (gross) KRISTA NABB

  • Ladies Champion (net) AUDREY DOWD

  • Senior Men's Champion (gross) BOB McNAB

  • Senior Men's Champion (net) STEVE CROWTHER

The above listed members are those who will carry the winner's mantra for the next 12 months, but we also had others that knocked on the door, demanding to be heard. The complete list of winners are as follows:

  • Men's Champion (gross) 1st place - Bob McNab

  • Men's Champion (gross) 2nd place - Kevin Andrew

  • Men's Champion (gross) 3rd place - Bill Andrew

  • Men's Champion (gross) 4th place - Todd Lefebure

  • Men's Champion (net) 1st place - Kevin Richardson

  • Men's Champion (net) 2nd place - Peter Catton

  • Men's Champion (net) 3rd place - Dave Heatley

  • Men's Champion (net) 4th place - Bob Isaak

  • Ladies Champion (gross) 1st place - Krista Nabb

  • Ladies Champion (gross) 2nd place - Liz Cage

  • Ladies Champions (gross) 3rd place – Christine Stewart

  • Ladies Champions (gross) 4th place – Myanna Isaak

  • Ladies Champion (net) 1st place - Audrey Dowd

  • Ladies Champion (net) 2nd place - Susan Harrison

  • Ladies Champion (net) 3rd place - Cheryl Martin

  • Ladies Champion (net) 4th place – Ellie Scott

  • Senior Men's Champion (gross) 1st place - Bob McNab

  • Senior Men's Champion (gross) 2nd place - Bill Andrew

  • Senior Men's Champion (gross) 3rd place - Dave Heatley

  • Senior Men's Champion (net) 1st place - Steve Crowther

  • Senior Men's Champion (net) 2nd place - Scott Dougan

  • Senior Men's Champion (net) 3rd place - Todd Lefebure

Staging these events require a concerted effort from different aspects areas of our club, as well as much effort put forth by individuals in organizing, staging, and doing the final wrap-up to make sure your tournaments are run cost efficiently and offer the maximum pleasure to all participants.

Much thanks need to go to your organizing committees consisting of Susan Harrison, Todd Lefebure, Liz Cage (Club Championship), and Greg Candy, Evelyn Catton, (Senior Men's Club Championship).Everyone mentored and supported by Marv Clarke and Rob McKechnie.

Special thanks go to Ming, Grace, Gary & Katie for ensuring the venue was set to make us feel that we were playing in a important tournament. Extra special thanks go to Dave Brummitt and his grounds team for ensuring the course played tough but fair, and taking time to set challenging tees and pins. Dave also played a double role as our local rules official, if and when, called upon to settle an issue.

Lastly, we had one volunteer (Gail Burnell) who was kept busy spotting on hole 8 & hole 15 for the 2 days of the Club Championship. Gail's work was invaluable, as most of us sheepishly used her services as we looked for our lost balls. Ton's of thanks go your way !

I'll keep one last round of applause and thanks to all you who participated in these events. It's an age old saying, but none-the-less true..... nothing will happen without your support. Your DMMA and the member's-at-large thank you.

Regards, Peter Catton Secretary, DMMA


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